AXUS GPS Precision Guidance

The AXUS GPS Precision Guidance controller is designed to accurately navigate Lateral Irrigation platforms.

All  Software and Hardware is 100% Australian owned and designed.

At AXUS we are driven by the clients specific needs and requirements and this system has been designed to meet their needs whilst keeping the costs to the end client as low as possible.

We have designed and manufactured the guidance controller using state of the technology. The hardware and software has been designed using the latest tools on the market in order to provide out clients with the best and most cost effective solutions.

Retrofit to Existing Lateral Irrigators fitted with Furrow, Wire or underground Guidance.

No Need to replace your existing Controller Electronics saving you thousands of dollars.

You do not replace your car when adding a GPS navigation unit so why would you need to replace your existing controller ?

The AXUS GPS guidance controller is simply an addition to your current control hardware.

Our Custom Hardware and Software allow us to retrofit this guidance system to most electro mechanically guided Lateral Irrigators whilst providing a level of accuracy and reliability not possible with the mechanical systems.

Features include:

Guidance Accuracy +/- 10mm 

Automatic stop on tacking issues : In the event the latera becomes bogged or has an issue where a possible guidance error can occur the guidance computer will prevent the system from travelling outside the specified bounds.

Barrier Stop Protection : The GPS system will stop the lateral from moving if it has passed either end points. This feature is to compliment the electro mechanical stop on irrigators.

Programmable Control Outputs : Control outputs allow you to activate any number of devices at specific locations in the run. Typical uses are for End Gun sprinkler controls

Programmable Hydrant Stops : Set the position in the Run where you may want the Lateral to stop for a Hydrant changeover.

Android Monitoring Application : We have developed an Android application that will allow you to monitor the status of your machine in real time from any location in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Please contact your nearest agent for more information.